How can you become an Intellectual Property lawyer?

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Becoming an IP Lawyer

Becoming an Intellectual Property lawyer can be a great opportunity to enter the IP field. Finding the right IP jobs is not an easy thing to do, but there are many amazing opportunities you can pursue. With that in mind, if you study as much as possible and receive the right guidance, you will have no problem entering this field. Keep in mind that IP lawyer is a different position from Patent Attorney.

General career requirements

Licensure is needed in all states, and you will be required to have satisfactory exam scores. Some of the skills required for Intellectual Property lawyers include problem solving, writing, research, negotiation, analytical reasoning or critical thinking. The salary of an IP lawyer can vary, but it will be around $120k-$130k on average.

Steps to become an Intellectual Property Lawyer

Complete an undergraduate degree program

The first step in becoming an Intellectual Property lawyer is completing an undergraduate degree program. You will need to have a bachelor’s in a mathematical or scientific field. That’s why an undergraduate in biology, physics, chemistry and engineering can be a good start.

Taking the LAST

Taking the LSATis very important because it will test your capabilities and it will show employers that you have what it takes in order to pursue this type of job. The Intellectual Property attorney jobs can be very challenging, and you really need to take that into consideration for the best results.

Graduating from law school

It’s important to graduate from a law school if you want to become an IP lawyer. That being said, you can get elective classes and even internships in Intellectual Property companies. This is the best way to prepare yourself for this field and it will certainly make the process a whole lot better and easier. At the same time, it does help if you complete independent studies on the topic, if you do research assistantships and so on.

Taking the necessary exams

Once you graduate, you it can be a very good idea to take the state bar exam to become licensed. Then you can take the USPTO exam. This exam is important if you want to show evidence that you have an undergraduate degree in this field.

Acquiring experience as an IP Lawyer

Now that you have what it takes to become an Intellectual Property attorney, you will need to gain experience. You can work with private companies, law firms and national laboratories, they are the ones that hire Intellectual Property attorneys. It’s important to note that most employers require 2-3 years of experience in this field, so the more knowledge you have, the better it will be.


Getting an Intellectual Property lawyer job requires a lot of commitment and hard work, but it’s also a high paying job. It’s important to follow these steps and do the best you can to accumulate experience. That, combined with high level skills will help you achieve the career you want in the Intellectual Property field!

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